Kelly Coultas Photography


I am a Belfair, Washington, photographer specializing in abstract and impressionist floral, nature, and equine photography

We are surrounded by beauty in our daily lives.  We don’t have to go out and search for it; it’s right there in front of us–it’s the look of love in a pet’s eyes, the ephemeral beauty of a garden flower destined to last only a few days, the rich color of a basket of heirloom tomatoes. I try to capture those details in a style that makes the everyday special and unique.

Along with appreciating the beauty around me, I believe very much in supporting both my local community and businesses who care about animals and the environment.  I donate images to local animal rescue groups and offer specials and auction packages to help. For businesses, organizations, or individuals looking for stock work or art to decorate home or office space, I can offer personalized service at a reasonable rate.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Kelly — any recommendations on “watermarks” for my photos? Phil

  2. Hi Phil. Thanks for checking out my blog! As much as you love photography, I would suggest looking into Photoshop Elements. It’s nowhere near as spendy as the full version of Photoshop, yet you can do an incredible variety of things with it (I have PSE 6; I think they’re up to 10 now). In addition to being able to create a watermark using the text tool (you’ll be able to save it and then change size and color whenever you want), you can also embed your copyright info into an image’s metadata as well. That will stay with the image. Of course it comes with lots of photo editing features as well.

    There may be other less expensive programs that allow you to do these things, but PSE is very versatile. Well worth the money. Feel free to email me if you have more questions about watermarks or Elements.

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