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Creating Textures

If you use textures in your photographic art, there are many resources out there to help you. The texture art community is very generous and there are lots of freebies and tutorials available. But if you really enjoy this type of work, at some point you will want to begin creating your own textures. Not only will it give your work more of your own touch, but it’s fun as well! There several ways to create textures. You can create them in camera by shooting things with lots of natural texture. One of my favorite spots to get this type of image is the wall of a city building in my town. It is made of hundreds of brick-sized stones in an incredible variety of colors and textures–perfect for my needs, though I do get some strange looks when shooting!

You can also paint or create mixed media pieces and then shoot those. I like using a watercolor paper with acrylics in various colors. It takes some experimenting to find the right color combinations and brushstrokes to use.

Be sure to keep an eye out when culling through your images before rejecting them. The texture below, entitled Riverbank, uses a landscape image as its base. I was about to toss the image, as I found it boring in subject matter, but I liked the color and light. I used a Gaussian Blur filter in PSE6 to blur it quite a bit and then added one of my rock images and a painted image to create the final piece. If you like it, you can download it for free using the link below–enjoy!

creating a texture

Three images used to create a single texture.

Lion on textured background

The final creation.

Use this link to access the texture. If you use it, feel free to share a link to your creation in the comments!

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