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Under Ice

Last autumn I tried a new technique (for me) and had lots of fun so I thought I would share it here. I’m hoping to try this again with beautiful spring flowers but am currently house-bound as I recuperate from surgery.

Close-up work and abstract are two of my favorite ways to shoot, so I combined the two and put them under ice. I gathered some beautiful fall leaves from the garden (I’ve got a stunning Japanese Full Moon Maple and a Gingko, which I will miss when we move). Then I arranged them in a glass baking dish, added water, and put the dish in the freezer. I tried two methods of shooting. First, I set the tray on blocks over a light source (I used a standing camp flashlight–very high tech). For the second attempt (which was a sunnier day), I propped the ice tray up in a window (which worked well for a short time and then got very wet). Both worked reasonably well. I used my 70-200 zoom with a Canon 500D Close-Up Lens attached. You will need a tripod!

I’m hoping to make it outside before my Camellias stop blooming. I think bright pink will look lovely under ice!

Autumn leaves under ice

Brightly colored Autumn leaves under ice.

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2 thoughts on “Under Ice

  1. Great technigue and very effective … warm regards Karen

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