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A New Perspective

With art, one is always trying to find a different way of looking at the world. A change of perspective is sometimes all it takes. With photography, it’s easy to keep taking photos the same way we look at things every day–at eye level. But we must change our view to keep things new. A flower from the traditional view can be very pretty, but taken from below or above, and you have an entirely new image.

Changing one’s perspective with art can bring many benefits, but don’t forget what it can do for life in general. I have reached a point where the accumulation of things has become overwhelming. I want to scale down, dramatically. I have learned that experiences matter so much more than things. I want to live more simply, more respectfully, more thoughtfully, and more fully. We will be downsizing significantly in the next year. It will be scary in some ways but liberating as well. And hopefully, life will be full of adventures instead of dust catchers.

My daughter is currently  in New Zealand. She is a talented young woman, who like so many women, constantly looks at her failures rather than her many accomplishments. I know that right now, her trip is not going exactly as planned, and she feels she will be giving up if she comes home earlier than expected. Yet I hope she will see this and realize that all she needs is a change of perspective. Who knows, something may happen and they will be able to continue their journey in NZ, but if not, they have still done something that many of us would never even consider. They are not lounging on some beach enjoying a tropical vacation. They have been living in hostels and, sometimes, their car. They have been picking fruit and learning that there is nothing at all wrong with an honest day’s work in the field. I can tell you that they will never look at the food they eat in the same way again, and that alone is worth everything this journey has cost them. Their experience has hopefully given them a new perspective on life, and that can be life changing.

Foxglove from a new perspective

Foxglove from a new perspective

Foxglove from the traditional view.

Foxglove from the traditional view.

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