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My Brain is on Holiday

I have had an idea for a new post floating around in my brain for a few weeks now. It’s a good one I think. But it’s more on the serious side, and it requires more thought than I am capable of at the moment. Because, after four solid weeks of being sick (I work part time in that germ factory known as “elementary school”) and having quite the run of bad luck, my brain has fled the scene. It is on holiday. It is somewhere tropical, sipping Mai Tais, walking on a sandy beach, and drinking in the scent of ginger and pikake. Lucky for me, my body gets to catch up shortly.

We all need a break now and then. Creative sorts especially need that chance to regroup and re-energize. I think I need to reboot completely. I will be bringing my camera, of course, and some ideas designed to get me thinking, and shooting, outside my comfort zone. I have a plan, but it’s one that gives me lots of latitude. And I will be shooting for me, and me alone. Sometimes, as photographers, and I’m sure as painters and musicians as well, we get stuck in the rut of trying way too hard to please others. That’s OK sometimes, but it does tend to suck the life and joy out of that thing you love to do so much.

So I will be looking for joy, and water in a zillion shades of turquoise, and the essence of tropical flowers.  And I’ll be relaxing and drinking rum too! At some point in the near future, I will be back to share. And hopefully my brain will return as well. Aloha!

tropical scenes of ocean and sky

Scenes from my trips to tropical places.

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